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Striking for equal rights in the U.S.

Changing the nation is going to take all of us, and so together we will do it!

One of our goals at Strike For Our Rights is to make accessible actions so you can be involved where you are and however you feel most comfortable. We want you to use your unique talents to help us make a better, more equitable future for everyone in the United States. There’s a place for everyone to help. Find your best way to make change:

People putting their hands in the center of a circle to show solidarity.


When you volunteer with us you are joining hundreds of other folks from around the United States who are dedicated to bringing about lasting change. 

We are trying to model internally the kind of change we want to see externally, so that means we don’t encourage hustle culture, burn out, or cancel culture. Instead, we encourage rest, courageous conversations, and education.

All volunteer opportunities are remote and can be done on your own schedule.  


We are committed to providing resources to individuals who want to participate in strikes but who do not have the financial security to do so. 

When you donate to us you can choose to donate directly to our strike fund, 100% of which supports striking workers.

As we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your contribution may be tax deductible.

Group of activists standing together holding hands in protest picket. Demonstrators protesting silently.

Commit to a general strike

When you commit to striking in the eventual general strike, we offer a variety of ways to participate: withhold labor, boycott commerce, boycott major media outlets, donate, or volunteer.

Based on the research, we need at least 3.5% of the United States population to participate in withholding labor at the same time in order to have the positive, lasting change we desire.  

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